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How Antifragility Can Help You Thrive Through Good Times & Bad

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00:27 - Dr. Wright's Expertise and Background
01:00 - Upcoming Series on Anti-Fragility
01:24 - Understanding Antifragility 
02:09 - Dr. Wright's Career Journey
10:03 - Defining Flourishing and Mental Health
12:09 - The Ingredients of Flourishing
13:08 - The Role of Self-Awareness in Flourishing
18:19 - The Surprising Reality of High Achievers
19:23 - The Recipe for Antifragility
21:12 - Partnership with Antifragile Academy
22:54 - Development of Antifragile Attributes
25:07 - Mindset and Embracing Discomfort
26:42 - Nassim Taleb's Concept of Antifragility
29:44 - Resilience, Grit, and Antifragility
31:11 - Building Antifragile Behaviors
32:35 - Choking Under Pressure vs. the Clutch state
33:34 - Self-Awareness in Antifragility
34:50 - Interoception and Emotions in Antifragility
37:02 - Accepting Unpleasantness as Part of Growth
39:30 - Practical Steps for More Antifragility
41:34 - The Scariest Thing: Deep Self-Reflection

44:42 - Closing Remarks and Invitation to Subscribe

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Meet Dr. Adam Wright

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Dr. Adam Wright, Director of Mental Performance at the Washington Nationals and Co-founder at The Antifragile Academy, about how to build antifragility to fulfil your potential and maximize your performance. Dr. Wright is also a certified mental skills consultant and executive coach with broad experience and interdisciplinary academic training. His primary professional focus is enhancing individual and team performance while fostering a sense of flourishing in their pursuit of excellence.


With over two decades of experience in high-stakes environments where excellence is not an option but a necessity, Adam has supported a wide range of clients, including amateur and professional athletes, corporate executives, emergency first responders, and prominent figures in the arts. His consulting expertise spans performance arenas, such as the NFL, MLB, European PGA, MLS, Hollywood, and Wall Street.


Adam operates a performance consulting practice based in New York City, has taught in the various colleges' exercise science and psychology departments and continues mentoring early career professionals.

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