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How Thinking Outside of Your Brain Can Help You Flourish

#cognition #situatedcognition #mindbodyconnection 

  • [00:59] The Extended Mind concept.

  • [03:24] The extended mind.

  • [10:46] The extended mind.

  • [11:26] The extended mind.

  • [14:35] Understanding the biological brain.

  • [19:59] Thinking with groups.

  • [22:50] Distributed cognition and mentorship.

  • [27:03] Distributed Cognition

  • [32:52] Embodied cognition.

  • [35:40] Social interoception.

  • [37:46] Collective energy in music.

  • [40:35] Keeping an interoceptive journal.

  • [43:30] Emotion as physical sensations.

  • [50:13] Thinking as an internal conversation.

  • [52:09] Physical movement and cognition.

  • [54:44] Taming podcasting beasts.

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Meet Annie Murphy Paul

Today, we talk to journalist and bestselling author Annie Murphy Paul about how the “extended mind” can help us flourish. She is an acclaimed science writer whose work has appeared in the New York Times and Scientific American, among many other publications. She has also authored various books, including Origins, The Cult of Personality, and the topic of today’s discussion, The Extended Mind.

In our conversation with Annie, we discuss the extended mind's three types of cognition (embodied, situated, and distributed) and what it means to be a "loopy" creature. We explore practical strategies for leveraging distributed cognition in our daily lives, workplaces, and relationships, learn about the impact of physical spaces on perception, and other fascinating insights on the topic. Join us for an insightful episode that will broaden your understanding of the human mind and the world around us. Tune in now!

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