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Perfectionism, Confidence and the Good Life

#perfectionism #confidence #flourishing

  • [01:52] Fragile and optimal confidence.

  • [06:40] Secure striving.

  • [07:28] Flourishing as a fruit-bearing tree.

  • [11:11] Mastery in different forms.

  • [17:24] Women in leadership roles.

  • [18:56] Anti-Fragile Academy Partnership Update.

  • [23:02] Fragile Confidence vs Optimal Confidence.

  • [26:02] Implicit beliefs and attachment styles.

  • [30:26] Building optimal confidence and growth.

  • [36:28] Perfectionism as a hindrance.

  • [38:25] The journey of self-worth.

  • [41:13] Mattering and belonging.

  • [43:45] Fragile confidence and perfectionism.

  • [45:23] Moments of transition.

  • [49:13] Embracing perfectionist tendencies.

  • [52:11] Fall in love with yourself.

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Episode 24 GPT

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Meet Homaira Kabir

While our drive for excellence and perfectionism can help us to strive for great results and improvement, it can also come at a cost. On the show today, we welcome Homaira Kabir, life coach, speaker, and author of the new book Goodbye, Perfect. Homaira has a master's degree in coaching psychology, positive psychology, and the scientific study of human flourishing, and is also the founder and CEO of The Goodbye Perfect Project.

In our conversation with Homaira, we delve into her work, how she helps her clients, and some of the subject matter from her inspiring book. Our guest does an outstanding job of explaining the concepts of confidence and perfectionism and the connection between these two forces within us. She also introduces the idea of 'secure' striving, how to fall in love with yourself, and so much more. Make sure to tune in to catch it all!

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