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Building a Mental Game to Help You flourish

#mindset #motivation #mentalskills 

  • [01:03] Practical personal development insights.

  • [05:48] The cycles of flourishing.

  • [07:28] Preparatory work and high performance.

  • [09:41] The four pillars of success.

  • [16:05] Flourishing through the right vehicle.

  • [18:37] Making impactful decisions.

  • [23:45] Clarity and focus.

  • [24:11] The Anti-Fragile Academy.

  • [29:54] Only a small percentage become successful.

  • [30:15] Gilliam's transformational impact.

  • [32:49] Mental toughness and quitting.

  • [33:33] When to walk away

  • [37:55] Building our mental game.

  • [40:04] The importance of personal development.

  • [42:42] Being the key to success.

  • [47:15] Finding Meaning in Different Roles.

  • [48:51] Having a clear purpose in life.

  • [52:11] Habits for building self-discipline.

  • [56:18] Mindset and flourishing.

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Episode 30 GPT

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Meet Dre Baldwin

Whether you’re just starting out or you want to take your career to the next level, having the right mindset is essential for success. And no one knows how to turn unrelenting self-belief into hard-and-fast career results better than author, entrepreneur, business coach, and former international basketball pro, Dre Baldwin! Known as DreAllDay by his fans, Dre developed his signature Work On Your Game framework to help professionals of all kinds with accountability, strategy, execution, and most importantly mindset.

Join us today as Dre highlights the importance of developing the right mental game for flourishing, why mental toughness, discipline, confidence, and initiative are crucial, and what it means to “work on your game” (and the most effective ways to do so), plus so much more! Dre does an incredible job of translating complex subjects into actionable and easy-to-understand advice that will help you play the mental game in a way that launches you toward unparalleled achievement. So, don’t miss this episode with personal development junkie, Dre Baldwin!

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