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How theology can help you flourish.

#theology #philosophy #flourishing 

[01:16] Emotional resilience habits.

[07:03] The need for belonging.

[15:19] Creating a sense of belonging.

[22:47] Transformational coaching model.

[29:35] Power dynamics in conversations.

[34:09] Empowerment through effective communication.

[42:34] Building emotional resilience.

[46:48] Resilience and societal structures.

[53:28] Resilience and emotional regulation.

[55:21] Cultivating awareness of thoughts.

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Episode 51 GPT

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Meet Elena Aguilar

Elena Aguilar [Ay-lay-nuh Ar-gue-la] is a bestselling author and coaching expert known for her eight books on coaching and leadership development, including The Art of Coaching and The Art of Coaching Teams. Her forthcoming comprehensive coaching book, Arise: The Art of Transformational Coaching, highlights conversational skills to help you thrive and will be released in July 2024. She hosts The Bright Morning Podcast where she shares tools for educators. 

Elena is the founder and CEO of Bright Morning Consulting, an organization dedicated to empowering educators and leaders with the skills and insights needed to create resilient and inclusive learning environments. Through Bright Morning, Elena offers workshops, coaching and consulting services focusing on equity, social justice, and emotional resilience.

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