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Mathematics for Flourishing

#mathematics #flourishing #maths

  • [01:30] Math as a pathway to flourishing.

  • [03:07] The joy of mathematics.

  • [07:18] Mathematics and truth appreciation.

  • [09:08] The quest for truth in mathematics.

  • [13:09] Math as a broad discipline.

  • [15:37] Unique beauty in mathematics.

  • [19:53] Platonism in mathematics.

  • [23:32] The virtue of abstraction.

  • [26:07] Mathematics as virtue versus skills.

  • [30:19] Active forms of pedagogy.

  • [33:05] Mathematical beauty and reasoning.

  • [37:35] Changing the narrative around mathematics.

  • [39:37] Assessment practices and mathematical beauty.

  • [44:42] Character education through mathematics.

  • [48:15] Definition of flourishing.

  • [52:41] Sports dynasties and mathematical purity.

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Episode 19 GPT

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Meet Dr. Francis Su

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In this episode, we talked to Professor Francis Su about the role of mathematics in flourishing, how mathematics can promote flourishing, and his argument that the purpose of mathematics is to support flourishing.

Francis Su is the Benediktsson-Karwa Professor of Mathematics at Harvey Mudd College and a former president of the Mathematical Association of America. In 2013, he received the Haimo Award, a nationwide teaching prize for college math faculty, and in 2018 he won the Halmos-Ford writing award. His work has been featured in Quanta Magazine, Wired, and the New York Times. His 2020 book Mathematics for Human Flourishing, which won the 2021 Euler Book Prize, offers an inclusive vision of what math is, who it’s for, and why anyone should learn it.

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