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Why your mindset matters and what to start doing about it. 

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02:19 - Key Mindset Skills for Thriving at Work
02:41 - Importance of Resilience in the Workplace
03:45 - Cognitive Flexibility and Adapting to Change
04:48 - Growth Mindset and Learning in the Workplace
06:25 - The Role of Connection 
07:06 - Factors Leading to the Importance of Mindset
10:52 - Conceptualizing Resilience and Antifragility
14:56 - The Sliding Scale of Resilience
16:35 - The Six Pillars of Resilience
24:49 - Connection as a Core Component of Resilience
27:27 - Mental Agility vs. Emotional Agility
28:13 - Acceptance and Resilience
34:19 - Flow and Resilience
36:22 - Acceptance as a Meta Pillar
41:04 - Practical Strategies for Building Mindset Skills
47:21 - Detailed Example of a Coaching Exercise

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Episode 49 GPT

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Meet Dr. Gemma Leigh Roberts

Dr. Gemma Leigh Roberts is a chartered psychologist and author specialising in wellbeing, resilience and mindset. She is a Top 5 LinkedIn Learning instructor, and over five million people have taken her LinkedIn Learning courses. Over 650,000 people subscribe to her 'Mindset Matters – Thriving at work' newsletter. The newsletter led to the publication, in 2022, of her first book, Mindset Matters: Developing mental agility and resilience to thrive in uncertainty.


Gemma has written for or been featured in Stylist, the Guardian, Yahoo Finance, Forbes and Business Insider and has appeared on the BBC. She specializes in helping people, teams and organizations understand what it takes to navigate challenges successfully, build resilience in the face of adversity, and create environments where it's possible for each individual to thrive and perform at their peak in their own unique way. Her clients include BP, Oracle, HSBC, Microsoft, Spotify, Vodafone, Nestlé and Disney and for the last 10 years she has worked with individuals, teams and organizations to help create agile resilient teams at work.

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