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Flow and Flourishing Part 2: How to Flow in your Work

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  • [00:01:55] Creating more flow in your life

  • [00:04:16] Flow and athletic performance.

  • [00:09:09] Similar paths and helping businesses.

  • [00:09:50] Pursuing the feeling of flow.

  • [00:15:43] Flow state definition.

  • [00:20:21] Getting in your own head.

  • [00:20:40] Degrees of flow immersion.

  • [00:25:08] Flow and work outcomes.

  • [00:27:26] Flow and stress reduction.

  • [00:30:13] Stress and flow relationship.

  • [00:34:06] Reframing stress as a challenge.

  • [00:37:33] Goal setting theory and SMART goals.

  • [00:41:56] Entrepreneur research in the field.

  • [00:42:19] Physiological antecedents of flow.

  • [00:50:17] Finding balance in business and flow.

  • [00:52:30] Squeezing all the juice.

  • [00:55:50] Work-Life Balance and Entrepreneurship.

  • [00:57:08] The relationship between work and human flourishing.

  • [01:01:04] Work-life synergy.

  • [01:04:25] Finding meaning in work.

  • [01:07:00] Finding meaning in unmeaningful things.

  • [01:09:21] Finding meaning in tragic situations.

  • [01:11:14] Motivation and goal-setting.

  • [01:15:34] Building Flow-Friendly Organizations.

  • [01:20:59] Scaling organizations and innovation.

  • [01:25:10] Entrepreneurship as people matter.

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Episode 11 GPT

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Meet Drs. Gerrit McGowan and Jared Weintraub

Dr Jared Weintraub is the founder of The Flow Group, LLC., an organizational and business development firm that works with individuals and companies to create and maintain happy, healthy, and productive workplaces. Jared holds a Ph.D. from Hofstra University, a Master’s degree from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, and a certification as a Senior Professional of Human Resources (SPHR). He has worked with start-ups, Fortune 500 companies, and organizations across various industries, providing internal and external consulting, coaching, and managing marketing and sales teams. He recently received his Ph.D. in Applied Organizational Psychology from Hofstra University, where he researched Flow Theory - how, when, and why individuals, teams, and organizations can get into “the Zone.” Most recently, this research has explored how we can use technology-based solutions to "nudge" behavior change in order to develop key competencies for flourishing at work. His over ten years of experience include: teaching undergraduate and graduate courses, designing and implementing training programs, employee engagement, performance management, needs assessment, employment law compliance, administration of benefits, and so on.


Dr Gerrit McGowan is a 4x startup founder, angel investor, and peak performance coach. He is the founder of the Syntegrity Group,, Effectuate Apps, ICELab, the Most Awesome Founder Podcast, the WHU Accelerator, and numerous other short-lived ventures. But he is perhaps most recognised for inventing the concept of Cause-Related Loyalty Marketing and its SaaS implementations such as MyCoke Rewards Donate to Schools, Kellogg’s Points with Purpose, Red Robin Eat Up-Give Back Rewards, and JetBlue’s TrueGiving. When not building ventures, Gerrit is helping others build theirs - having coached over 1000 founders and nascent entrepreneurs across five continents. He is a All-Star Mentor for Techstars, CEO Coach for Alchemist Accelerator, mentor for APX, Founder Institute, Earlybird VisionLab, and advisor/investor/shareholder in numerous high-growth ventures. Throughout his career, Gerrit has led the development of over a dozen technology products; raised over $10m in funding; and supported startups that have raised over $100m in venture capital. His work has been honoured with two Canadian Institute of Planners Awards for Excellence; as a finalist for the Guardian’s Social Enterprise of the Year Award; and a SXSW Startup Showcase selection.

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