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Build Well-being In the Workplace

#work #wellbeing #mentalhealth 

  • [01:32] Workplace burnout and well-being.

  • [04:04] Burnout defined as occupational phenomenon.

  • [05:19] Workplace burnout factors.

  • [08:38] Loneliness and work satisfaction.

  • [10:06] Well-being and productivity correlation.

  • [14:09] Me, team, and organization dynamics.

  • [16:03] Workplace burnout and frustration.

  • [17:04] Collaboration and work-life balance.

  • [21:14] A World Without Email.

  • [21:57] Collective time management.

  • [26:05] Shift from individual to collective.

  • [28:45] Types of burnout in freelancers.

  • [33:54] Perfectionism and burnout.

  • [36:03] Burnout in caring professions.

  • [36:55] The culture of confidence.

  • [40:13] Self-compassion and thriving.

  • [42:02] Shifting the conversation to team well-being.

  • [46:52] Accountability and psychological safety.

  • [50:09] Cohort of Zooglers and peer support.

  • [54:10] Removing sources of friction.

  • [56:09] Return to your core.

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Episode 32 GPT

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Meet Dr. Kristen Maczko

Gone are the days of pitting productivity against well-being in the workplace. Imagine a world where the elements that boost collective productivity also ignite motivation and personal fulfillment within each individual. In this episode, we are thrilled to welcome the brilliant Dr. Kristin Maczko, a trailblazer at the crossroads of psychology and organizational success, as we embark on a journey through the corridors of workplace effectiveness. She is an expert in the intersection between productivity and well-being in the workplace, and her work focuses on the collective and systemic factors that influence them. Dr. Maczko previously served as the Director of Global Employee Mental Health and Well-being at Google for 15 years and now is the host of the Your Self at Work Podcast and founder of Xoogler.

In this riveting episode, we demystify burnout; its origins, ways to sidestep its grasp, and powerful strategies for recovery. Discover the art of crafting an environment that nurtures growth, as we delve into the nuanced facets of workplace well-being. From the intriguing interplay between work, productivity, and well-being, to Dr. Maczko's pioneering perspective on what burnout truly entails, it's all here. Tune in for an illuminating discussion that shatters old paradigms, fuels your passion for holistic success, and equips you with the tools to thrive in an ever-evolving workplace. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just someone eager to unlock your full potential, this episode is your compass to steering the ship of your mental well-being toward fulfilling horizons.

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