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Lessons from the World's Longest Study on Happiness

#relationships #happiness #socialconnection

  • [00:00] The world's longest study on happiness.

  • [04:13] English version of the book.

  • [07:23] Study on adult development.

  • [10:51] The good life components.

  • [13:38] Meeting life's challenges and growth.

  • [18:51] Relationships and enduring unpleasantness.

  • [20:15] The impact of relationships.

  • [24:39] Asking for needs in relationships.

  • [26:59] Importance of relationships.

  • [28:25] Social fitness and maintaining relationships.

  • [32:31] Meta awareness.

  • [34:40] Focusing on relationships for flourishing.

  • [35:40] Money and happiness relationship.

  • [39:40] Common regrets and affective forecasting.

  • [42:19] Connections and learning from students.

  • [46:25] It's never too late.

  • [49:28] Importance of relationships in middle age.

  • [52:47] TED talk on happiness.

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Episode 22 GPT

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Meet Dr. Marc Shulz

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In today's episode, we go deep into the idea and components of a good life with Associate Director of the Harvard Study of Adult Development, Dr. Marc Schulz. Marc is the co-author of the The Good Life (2023), a Professor of Psychology at Bryn Mawr College, a psychologist, and a practicing therapist.

This conversation covers a selection of the interesting and enriching findings presented in Marc's book, practical strategies for developing social fitness, where material wealth should fit into our priorities, and why difficult experiences are such a necessary component of flourishing. The main thrust of Marc's recent work and today's chat is the central importance of relationships and how we can best aid the nurturing and maintenance of these.

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