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Mental Toughness, Visualization and Self-Talk for Flourishing

#mentaltoughness #visualization #mindset

  • [00:57] Overcoming Comparisons and Focusing on Outcome

  • [03:25] The mental aspect of sports.

  • [05:43] Transitioning from sports to military.

  • [09:24] Health scares and mental resilience.

  • [14:36] Mindfulness and meditation.

  • [18:04] Meditation and problem-solving.

  • [19:36] High pressure and intense tracks.

  • [23:57] Starting a new process.

  • [25:00] Progression in skeleton racing.

  • [28:11] Detaching from outcome during training.

  • [34:23] Language and self-talk in performance.

  • [38:48] Letting go and going with the flow.

  • [39:25] Detaching from comparing oneself.

  • [44:16] Well-being and performance correlation.

  • [45:59] Performing well under pressure.

  • [46:21] Mental health in elite athletes.

  • [50:58] Coping with worst case scenarios.

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Episode 28 GPT

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Meet Gloria Mark

Today’s very special guest is Dr. Gloria Mark, the Chancellor's Professor of Informatics at the University of California, Irvine, and author of Attention Span: A Groundbreaking Way to Restore Balance, Happiness and Productivity. Her work is primarily focused on the deep examination of multitasking, interruptions, and mood as they pertain to the use of digital devices.

In our conversation, Gloria defines attention, the different types of attention, psychological balance, and flow. She also explains why attention is always goal-oriented, how we’ve developed kinetic attention in this digital age, whether our dwindling attention spans are cause for concern, and how we can use technology to promote well-being rather than productivity. Tune in now to learn how to use social media strategically, how to replenish your attention reserves, and so much more with the remarkable Dr. Gloria Mark!

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