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The Role of Wonder or Awe in Flourishing

#wonder #awe #flourishing

  • [01:56] Wonder as the ultimate aim.

  • [03:19] Remarkable life journey and wonder.

  • [07:52] Defining the concept of wonder.

  • [10:11] Openness to experience.

  • [12:59] Shallow curiosity and deep curiosity.

  • [17:00] The pathway of curiosity.

  • [18:50] The wonder cycle.

  • [22:55] Enhancing Wonder in Everyday Life.

  • [25:56] Creativity and innovation.

  • [30:53] Slow thought and meditation.

  • [32:46] The power of mixed emotion.

  • [36:07] Happiness is overrated.

  • [42:38] Curiosity about unpleasant things.

  • [42:40] Seeking discomfort for personal growth.

  • [44:22] The benefits of wonder.

  • [47:56] The highest good in life.

  • [51:04] How to measure wonder.

  • [54:11] The wonder mindset.

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Episode 26 GPT

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Meet Monica Parker

In this episode, we are very lucky to have an amazing conversation with the author of The Power of Wonder, Monica C. Parker! Monica is a prominent speaker and writer, the founder of HATCH Analytics, and has an unusually varied career, having worked as an opera singer, policy director, homicide investigator, CEO, and museum exhibition director!

In our chat, we get to pick Monica's brain about her research into what wonder can do for the human mind and body, and she explains how building a mindset focused on experiencing wonder can lead to continual flourishing. We get into her argument for aiming for wonder over happiness, how meaning and gratitude figure into her framework, and how to use curiosity as a powerful processing tool. Join us to hear it all!

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