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Shadowboxing Your Way to Flourishing

#shadowboxing #performance #flourishing

  • [00:50] Shadowboxing and human flourishing.

  • [05:14] Shadowboxing with beliefs and assumptions.

  • [10:07] Psychologist lens and human performance.

  • [14:04] Integrated approach to change.

  • [16:21] Embracing risk for flourishing.

  • [18:27] The connection between flow and flourishing.

  • [22:45] The value of struggle.

  • [24:56] Cold plunging benefits and strategies.

  • [27:58] Psychological growth and change.

  • [31:47] Cold exposure and stillness.

  • [35:15] The role of shadowboxing in flourishing.

  • [40:37] Coaching and getting out of the way.

  • [42:11] Biology Trumps Psychology.

  • [45:26] The mind-body connection.

  • [51:21] Recovery practices for flourishing.

  • [54:45] Positive side of the human experience.

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Episode 23 GPT

Learn from our episode specific bot! Have questions about anything that was covered, or just looking for a general summary of the episode? Our episode specific GPT bot has you covered. 

Meet Drs. Sarah Sarkas and Chris Bertram

Today we are joined by “Jedi of the unconscious”, Dr. Sarah Sarkis, and applied neuroscientist, Dr. Chris Bertam. Between the two of them, they have a vast range of expertise which converges on their common pursuit, the Shadowboxing Podcast. In this episode, we discover what shadowboxing is and how it relates to flourishing.

Chris and Sarah share their thoughts on what it means to flourish, how it relates to flow, and the importance of learning to tolerate struggle. Theory aside, our guests impart some practical advice for increasing your tolerance for discomfort, from cold water submersion to the simple art of breathwork. Tune in for some helpful tools for overcoming shadow boxes and ultimately, flourishing.

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