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How to prevent and recover from burnout

#burnout #prevention #stress 

[01:36] The topic of burnout.

[05:26] Chronic stress and burnout.

[08:12] Stress and burnout continuum.

[15:31] Workplace stressors and holistic well-being.

[17:40] Coping with stress levels.

[21:31] Mental exhaustion and coping mechanisms.

[25:21] Three contributing factors to burnout.

[29:18] Fear and self-care.

[33:58] Developing anti-fragility skills.

[36:48] Burnout symptoms and effects.

[40:49] Burnout and gender disparity.

[48:06] Emotional intelligence and self-awareness.

[49:31] Turning worst case scenarios around.

[53:08] Reducing personality to categories.

[57:06] Introducing balance into life.

[1:02:26] Finding a better fit.

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Meet Dr. Sharon Grossman

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Dr. Sharon Grossman, also known as the “Burnout Doc,” is a leading expert on burnout, stress, productivity, and employee well-being. She is a psychologist, executive coach, keynote speaker, author of the international bestseller The Solution to Burnout: 7 Steps from Exhausted to Extraordinary (2020). Her most recent book is The Stress Advantage: Lessons from the Tennis Court (2023). She teaches, trains and coaches people and organizations to become resilient in the face of stress, build the skills for optimal performance, redesign their mindsets, habits and lifestyle, and overcome resentment.

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