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How to help your workplace flourish?

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[03:13] The crucial relationship between employee thriving.

04:07] Different forms of friction.

[07:09] Meeting the needs for thriving at work.

[11:48] Meaning and purpose in work.

[14:36] Setting and enforcing boundaries.

[17:23] Embracing difficulty in the workplace.

[21:37] Embracing difficulty with managers.

[25:24] Workaholic tendencies in the workplace.

[28:14] Workaholism and its symptoms.

[30:57] A changed social contract.

[35:00] Alumni programs and referrals.

[37:41] Work alumni programs.

[42:11] The importance of human connection.

[45:10] Employee well-being and productivity.

[48:43] Removing sources of friction.

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Episode 35 GPT

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Meet Tonille Miller

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With over 15 years of experience advising Fortune 500 corporations, top consulting firms, and high-growth start-ups, Tonille Miller has become a respected figure in the business transformation, leadership, and employee experience space. She has been featured on various shows and in media outlets, including the Huffington Post, Nasdaq, TechFunnel, Employee Experience Magazine, and the American Journal of Health Promotion.


Tonille is author of The Flourishing Effect: Unlocking Employee Thriving and High Performance as Your Competitive Edge (2023), a playbook for unlocking employee and organizational thriving and sustainable performance, aiming to show leaders and changemakers how to create the conditions that engage their people and facilitate high performance in today’s world.

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