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Meaning, happiness, morality and flourishing. 

#happiness #meaning #eudaimonia

  • [00:41] Different theories of happiness.

  • [03:25] Pursuit of happiness and meaning.

  • [05:33] The psychology of happiness.

  • [08:30] Definition of happiness involving suffering.

  • [11:52] Finding balance between pleasantness and unpleasantness.

  • [16:11] Delayed gratification and human flourishing.

  • [17:53] Components of human flourishing.

  • [21:43] Chimpanzees as mirrors of humanity.

  • [24:35] Responsible dissemination of research.

  • [29:39] Certain limitations can be emancipatory.

  • [30:20] The dangers of self-report from well-being.

  • [32:29] Openness in scientific research.

  • [36:14] Neuroplasticity and learning.

  • [39:16] The five domains of flourishing.

  • [42:56] Can money buy happiness?

  • [46:39] Positive psychology and flourishing.

  • [49:55] Virtue and moral psychology.

  • [53:54] The problem with flourishing.

  • [56:24] Mental illness and flourishing.

  • [1:02:19] Distress tolerance and growth.

  • [1:04:15] Metacognition in education.

  • [1:07:13] Fear of being wrong.

  • [1:10:59] Definition of happiness among young people.

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Episode 13 GPT

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Meet Will Reusch

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In this episode, we talked to Will Reusch about whether an evil person can live a meaningful life and flourish; what happiness is and how its role in our lives changes depending on how we define it; and the similarities and differences between influential contemporary theories of flourishing.


Will Reusch is an educator and podcaster. For the last thirteen years he has taught multiple subjects at public and private schools in Los Angeles, his main subject being social studies. Since 2019 he has hosted the podcast Cylinder Radio, an educational podcast which focuses on exploring controversial topics.


Will never had an interest in academics at school and struggled to connect what he was learning to build a successful and meaningful life. He came to believe that educational systems designed to teach children to become capable, informed, and equipped seem to fail in achieving these goals for so many young people. Will decided to become a schoolteacher to try to improve this.

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