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Understanding Global Studies on Wellbeing and their Implications for Education

#wellbeing #flourishing #education 

  • [01:32] Integrating well-being science into education.

  • [03:24] Human flourishing and well-being.

  • [04:08] Human aspirations and well-being.

  • [09:31] Meaning and sense of belonging.

  • [12:46] Trauma and post-traumatic growth.

  • [15:47] Skills for well-being.

  • [20:36] Anti-Fragile Academy partnership.

  • [23:23] Training local trainers for sustainability.

  • [30:44] Well-being in education.

  • [31:21] Well-being education in schools.

  • [35:29] Focusing on effective education.

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Episode 29 GPT

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Meet Dr. Alejandro Adler

Today our focus is on the importance of education and the role of teachers and mentors in facilitating human flourishing, and we are joined by Dr. Alejandro Adler, who does an amazing job of illuminating the research and findings on this subject. Dr. Adler is the Dean of Student Life and Wellbeing at Upper Canada College and has had a varied career acquiring a wealth of experience in international well-being initiatives and projects.

Dr. Adler's professional focus has been squarely on well-being, education and skills, human capital development, and public policy. He has worked with and advised many organizations across the globe on the value of positive psychology and life competencies. In our chat with Dr. Adler, we get into the science of well-being, worldwide research on the subject, and, most importantly, how we can approach integrating the science into our educational systems. So to hear it all in this fascinating chat with a great guest, press play now.

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