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Antifragility with Jackie Space: Aerospace engineer, entrepreneur, defesense expert, and mom.

#antifragility #resilience #performance

[00:05] Jackie Space's professional background

[04:42] Career-changing experiences.

[12:24] Finding alignment with values.

[13:13] Pursuing a career in space.

[25:10] Commercial Space and Military Challenges.

[29:28] Building a startup in Silicon Valley.

[39:43] Success and Growth Journey.

[42:50] Embracing failure and success.

[49:38] Self-discovery journey.

[55:13] Increased self-awareness through therapy.

[56:26] The myth of productivity hacks.

[01:00:12] Shifting perspective for personal growth.

[01:06:26] Parenting and self-worth.

[01:09:04] Helicopter parenting and independence.

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Meet Jackie Space

In this episode, we dive into a conversation with Jackie Space, a highly accomplished individual with experience in national security, aerospace, and academia. Jackie's journey through professional challenges, failures, and successes sheds light on the concept of anti-fragility. We explore how she navigates discomfort and strives to create opportunities for herself and her daughter. Tune in to gain insights from Jackie's inspiring story and approach to life.

Jackie is a co-founder and senior vice-president of BMNT, a national security focused innovation consultancy and early-stage technology incubator. She was also part of the first teaching team for the Hacking for Defense course at Stanford University, and now supports the expansion of H4D into 30 Universities as an advisory board member of the Common Mission Project, the non-profit that develops and supports H4D and other “Hacking for” programs.


Jackie is a thought leader on public-private partnerships, called to the White House and Pentagon to contribute on topics of national security and technology. She is an advisor to the aerospace focused venture capital fund, Kluz Ventures/The Flying Object, and is a contributor to the Defense Investors Network facilitated by BMNT.


In her previous service in the Air Force, Jackie led joint aerospace programs for military and intelligence customers. Jackie has a B.S. in Behavioral Sciences from the U.S. Air Force Academy and an M.S. in Systems Engineering from Loyola Marymount University.

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