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Antifragility with Josh Hernandez: Successful entrepreneur, AI consultant and father.

#antifragility #community #collectiveresilience

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04:01 - Josh's Introduction to Antifragility 
06:11 - Proactive Planning and Business Resilience
08:39 - Honoring Others' Antifragility
09:25 - Josh's Upbringing and Family Background
12:11 - Learning from Challenges 
14:43 - Josh's Academic and Professional Journey
16:58 - Pivotal Life Events and Adaptability
19:29 - Josh's Academic Struggles
21:36 - Transition from Medical School to Business
23:17 - Overcoming the Financial Crisis 
24:10 - Personal Crisis and Seeking Counseling
27:22 - The Dog Attack Incident and Its Aftermath
31:36 - Josh's Approach to Fear and Vulnerability
33:07 - The Role of Social Support in Resilience
34:20 - Flexibility in Antifragility
36:09 - Social Interaction as a Key to Resilience
38:26 - Instilling Resilience and Antifragility in Children
40:22 - Parenting Strategies for Building Resilience
43:07 - Well-being as a Collective Endeavor
44:02 - Teaching Children

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Meet Josh Hernandez

In this episode we dive into the extraordinary life journey of a Josh Hernandez. Born and raised in El Paso, Texas, to teenage parents, our guest grew up in a nurturing environment where his father was in trucking and his mother ran a home daycare. This early exposure to leadership and working with people laid the foundation for his path.

Despite growing up in a lower-middle-class household, he found his way to a medical magnet high school situated in a lower socioeconomic area of the city. Here, he formed deep bonds with students from diverse backgrounds, enriching his worldview and empathy.

A self-described late bloomer in sports, he stood at just 4 feet 11 inches and weighed 100 pounds in his freshman year. Choosing to pivot from playing sports, he merged his love for athletics and medicine by becoming an athletic trainer, a decision that would shape his future.

His academic prowess led him to the University of New Mexico on a scholarship. He studied athletic training during this time and also received a scholarship for this. However, a lack of study skills resulted in the loss of this scholarship, bringing him back to El Paso where he attended UTEP. It was here that he honed his study techniques and refocused on a new goal: medical school.

Returning to UNM with a renewed academic scholarship, he graduated with a degree in Exercise Science. He then gained valuable experience working in a cardiac rehab clinic and as a Health Educator. But life had other plans.

In 2003, his father requested his help with a small trucking company, which they expanded from 3 to 75 trucks. Balancing the business with also completing medical school prerequisites, he also completed an MBA in 2007 and gained entry into UT Medical School at Houston in 2008. However, the Financial Crisis demanded more of his time in the family business, leading to a tough decision to step away from medical school.

His life took a profound turn in 2009 with the birth of his first child. This joy was shadowed by a traumatic event in 2013, when his son was attacked by a neighbor's dog, a harrowing experience that deeply impacted him and shaped his outlook on life.

Today, he is a dedicated husband and father of three. In May 2023, his trucking company was acquired, marking a significant transition in his life. Under his leadership, the company earned national recognition from the EPA, winning the Smartway Excellence Award thrice and the Smartway High Performer Award for seven consecutive years, accolades reserved for the top echelons of logistics companies.

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