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Antifragility with world champion, 2x bestselling author, mental performance coach, and mom, Donene Taylor

#antifragility #antifragilemindset #performance

[02:22] Antifragility demonstrated in life.

[04:50] Family tradition of military service.

[09:41] Memory and traumatic brain injury.

[13:23] Survivor's guilt.

[17:46] Surviving trauma and self-blame.

[20:09] Post-traumatic growth concept.

[22:36] Post-traumatic growth.

[26:20] Living for something greater than self.

[30:26] The military camaraderie concept.

[35:30] Resilience in ethnically divided society.

[39:24] The power of memories.

[43:23] Purpose and forgiveness.

[45:08] Spiritual experience during survival.

[49:56] Spirituality and faith journey.

[53:41] Cultivating pillars of personal growth.

[57:36] Building resilience in children.

[1:00:10] Dealing with bullies and challenges.

[1:05:00] Distractions in modern life.

[1:08:03] Pursuit of meaning over happiness.

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Meet Donene Taylor

Donene Taylor is a professional author and speaker who delivers energizing,

inspirational, and motivational presentations and workshops to many different

communities, teams, and organizations.


Donene is the #1 best-selling author of two books. Her first book, Heart of a

Champion, unpacks her journey of self-discovery as she attained her dream to

become a world champion. Her second and latest book, Master the Art of Winning,

provides readers with steps to take so they can dig digger, and do the

transformational work needed to build their Championship Playbook of how-to

rundown their Bold Goals, at an optimal level.


Donene is a Certified Mental Performance Coach. She coaches athletes with tried

and true, proven strategies that help them close the gap between where they are

and where they want to be. She empowers athletes to reach their full potential as

they run down their Bold Goals to become the best version of themselves.


She joined the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association (WPRA) in 1998 and

became a WPRA World Champion Tie-Down Calf Roper in 2016. Donene is also a

4-time WPRA Mountain States Circuit Champion Tie-Down Calf Roper.


Donene and her husband, Stan, reside in one of the best small towns ever,

Glenrock, Wyoming. She continues to compete with the most elite women rodeo

athletes in the world, in the WPRA. Just like you, she has Bold Goals and is running

them down, one step at a time.

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