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Antifragility with combat veteran and leadership trainer, Kawika Lau.

#antifragility #posttraumaticgrowth #flourishing

[02:22] Antifragility demonstrated in life.

[04:50] Family tradition of military service.

[09:41] Memory and traumatic brain injury.

[13:23] Survivor's guilt.

[17:46] Surviving trauma and self-blame.

[20:09] Post-traumatic growth concept.

[22:36] Post-traumatic growth.

[26:20] Living for something greater than self.

[30:26] The military camaraderie concept.

[35:30] Resilience in ethnically divided society.

[39:24] The power of memories.

[43:23] Purpose and forgiveness.

[45:08] Spiritual experience during survival.

[49:56] Spirituality and faith journey.

[53:41] Cultivating pillars of personal growth.

[57:36] Building resilience in children.

[1:00:10] Dealing with bullies and challenges.

[1:05:00] Distractions in modern life.

[1:08:03] Pursuit of meaning over happiness.

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Episode 39 GPT

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Meet Kawika Lau

Kawika is a keynote speaker, facilitator, and educator who is passionate about adding value to your leadership journey.

Kawika has found purpose in sharing philosophy, empirical data, and personal stories to inspire and illuminate a path for people to lead full and complete lives, and flourish forward after the storms of life hit.

Kawika holds several professional certifications and teaches in areas that include: DISC Model Train the Trainer, Motivators Model Train the Trainer, and Tactical Medical Instructor, Physical Fitness and Wellness Coordinator, and Leadership Concepts. Kawika has delivered keynotes and facilitated learning experiences in several nations.

After the 9/11 attacks, Kawika spent over fourteen years serving as an international team leader with the Federal Air Marshal Service, and was also an instructor at the Federal Air Marshal academy.

Kawika retired from the U.S. Army in 2014 with 21 years of service in the active, reserve, and National Guard components, having served as the Deputy Team Chief of an Embedded Counterinsurgency Advisor mission to Afghan National Security Forces during his last deployment. Kawika was awarded the Bronze Star and Purple Heart for his actions in combat.

Kawika remains active in the veteran community as a volunteer with local combat wounded veterans, and enjoys giving back by volunteering with nonprofit organizations like Task Force Hydro 1 and the Warrior Surf Foundation.

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