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Antifragility with entrepreneur, IPO expert, investor, bestselling author and dad, Peter Goldstein.

#antifragility #resilience #performance

01:09 - Introducing Peter Goldstein
02:23 - Peter's background and achievements
04:34 - Defining Antifragility
07:46 - The role of adaptability in antifragility
10:02 - Entrepreneurship and antifragility
12:36 - Chosen suffering and meaningful pursuits
14:07 - Peter's early entrepreneurial experiences
20:29 - The influence of family values on Peter's resilience
27:44 - Parenting and instilling antifragility
30:36 - Embracing uncertainty in a global context
37:11 - Rebuilding After Setbacks
40:14 - Wellbeing, skills, and performance in Antifragility
42:41 - Peter's approach to well-being and self-care
47:32 - Managing stress and embracing support networks
50:15 - The role of coaching in optimal Performance
51:13 - Parenting and teaching antifragility to Kids

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Episode 41 GPT

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Meet Peter Goldstein

Peter Goldstein is a seasoned entrepreneur, capital markets expert, and investor with over 35 years of diverse international business experience. Throughout his career, he's held pivotal roles, including CEO, chairman, investment banker, founder, board member, investor, and advisor to public, private, and emerging growth companies. 


Peter's achievements span capital markets specializing in equity financing, strategic planning, and transaction structuring. These include numerous successful IPOs, M&A, uplisting, reverse merger transactions, private placements, and crowdfunding campaigns. 


He's the founder of Exchange Listing, LLC, dedicated to facilitating growth companies' listings on esteemed exchanges like NASDAQ and the NYSE, and Emmis Capital, a specialized boutique fund investing in global small and microcap pre-IPO growth companies. 

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