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Antifragility with Bob Goulet: 2x Inc. 300 CEO, Entrepreneur, Author and Dad.

#antifragility #entrepreneurship #personalgrowth

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[03:19] Need for challenging situations.

[08:27] Choosing to embrace opportunities.

[13:36] Facing mortality and life reflections.

[18:02] Building resilience through adversity.

[24:20] Resilience and personal growth.

[28:41] Constant pursuit of self-improvement.

[32:31] Well-being and physical vitality.

[34:30] Choosing your heart.

[39:35] Resilience and parenting lens.

[43:24] Parenting advice and strategies.

[47:19] Letting go as a parent.

[55:46] Life lessons and regrets.

[57:36] Teaching kids life lessons.

[1:02:09] Self-discovery and personal growth.

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Meet Bob Goulet

In this episode, we dive into a conversation with Bob Goulet. Bob is an American entrepreneur, inventor, and life artist.


He is the inventor on more than two dozen patents globally and is a two-time Inc. 500 award winner who has also been recognized globally in the sciences.


A passionate student of life, he has traveled the world and studied with many of the greatest spiritual teachers of our time. He also holds a BS and MS in chemical engineering from the University of Connecticut and Clemson University, respectively as well as an MBA from Duke University.


In 2022 Bob published Chasm: A Deep Journey in Meaning and Wholeness, a memoir about Bob’s journey from tragedy to deep personal growth and evolution.

He currently resides in North Carolina with his son.

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