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How to leverage failure and psychological safety in your team or organization.

#psychologicalsafety #intelligentfailure #failingwell 

[02:41] Psychological safety definition.

[09:41] Psychological safety in teams.

[17:40] Facilitative vs. unrelenting environments.

[22:48] Learning from failure.

[29:18] Types of failure distinctions.

[35:51] Intelligent Failure and psychological safety.

[37:35] Perfectionism and psychological safety.

[43:01] Intelligent failure in dating.

[45:24] Embracing Failure and Growth Mindset.

[52:28] Importance of mindset in context.

[56:06] Take more risks.

[58:10] How to engage listeners.

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Episode 46 GPT

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Meet Dr. Amy Edmondson

Dr. Amy C. Edmondson, Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management at Harvard Business School, a chair established to support the study of human interactions that lead to the creation of successful enterprises that contribute to the betterment of society.


She has pioneered the concept of psychological safety for over 20 years and was recognized in 2021 as #1 on the Thinkers50 global ranking of management thinkers.

Amy is the author of Teaming: How Organizations Learn, Innovate, and Compete in the Knowledge Economy (2012), The Fearless Organization: Creating Psychological Safety in the Workplace for Learning, Innovation, and Growth (2018), and, most recently, Right Kind of Wrong: Why Learning to Fail Can Teach Us to Thrive (2023).

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