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Addiction to pleasure and its impact on flourishing with Anna Lembke, MD.

#pleasure #dopamine #addiction

  • 00:29 Dopamine Nation addresses addiction in the modern world.

  • 05:32 Addiction is a universal vulnerability.

  • 14:13 Finding meaning in life's challenges.

  • 16:26 The struggle for meaning in life.

  • 22:04 Balance and homeostasis in the brain.

  • 30:01 Addiction leads to pleasure loss.

  • 32:41 Avoid excessive dopamine consumption.

  • 42:01 Embrace pain, practice asceticism.

  • 46:00 Embrace chosen suffering for growth.

  • 49:32 Distraction is a universal experience.

  • 1:00:45 Balance productivity and pleasure.

  • 1:01:13 Slowing down can bring relief.

  • 1:07:19 Feedback on guests and topics.

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Meet Anna Lembke, MD

Dr. Anna Lembke received her undergraduate degree in Humanities from Yale University and her medical degree from Stanford University. She is currently Professor and Medical Director of Addiction Medicine, Stanford University School of Medicine. She is also Program Director of the Stanford Addiction Medicine Fellowship, and Chief of the Stanford Addiction Medicine Dual Diagnosis Clinic.


Her latest book, Dopamine Nation: Finding Balance in the Age of Indulgence (Dutton/Penguin Random House, August 2021), was an instant New York Times and Los Angeles Times bestseller, and explores how to moderate compulsive overconsumption in a dopamine-overloaded world.

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