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Leveraging the Flourishing in Your Career

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  • [00:57] Impressive background and work experience.

  • [04:00] Prospection and its importance.

  • [08:52] The PRISM acronym and its order.

  • [14:12] Anti-fragility.

  • [14:14] Resilience and mattering.

  • [21:07] Autopilot and Mind Wandering.

  • [22:03] Building rapid rapport skills.

  • [23:45] Building connections through shared time.

  • [27:08] Time famine and connection.

  • [32:07] Social connection and physiological effects.

  • [33:32] Remote work and loneliness.

  • [36:53] Well-being and PERMA

  • [39:29] The meaning of work.

  • [44:07] Mattering and purpose connection.

  • [47:23] BetterUp Labs and workplace thriving.

  • [52:21] Coaching and Wellbeing

  • [54:29] Navigating the white water world.

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Episode 31 GPT

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Meet Dr. Gabriella Kellerman

oining us today is Dr. Gabriella Rosen Kellerman a respected author, entrepreneur, and Harvard-trained physician, who has extensive expertise in the realms of behavioral and organizational change, digital health, well-being, and AI. In collaboration with Professor Martin Seligman, Gabriella co-authored her debut book Tomorrowmind, which provides crucial strategies and practical guidance to confronting the ambiguous prospects of the workplace. Throughout her career, Gabriella has held significant roles in the corporate world. She served as the Chief Product Officer and Chief Innovation Officer at BetterUp, a prominent transformation platform catering to global professionals.

In our conversation, we discuss her motivation behind writing the book on workplace well-being, the key components of the Tomorrowmind, and why there is a need for broader dissemination of their research. Dr. Kellerman unpacks the PRISM concept and explains the skills needed to excel in the current work environment. We also explore concepts of well-being, shifting from “meaning” to “mattering”, fostering a positive mindset, and how to measure well-being. Additionally, Dr. Kellerman shares the story behind BetterUp, the incredible and much-needed research the company performs, and the science of thriving at work. Tune in and discover the path to increased well-being, performance, and fulfillment with Dr. Gabriella Rosen Kellerman!

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