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Building Mental Toughness for Flourishing

#mentaltoughness #flourishing #resilience

  • [00:40] Nuanced approach to mental toughness.

  • [02:26] Growing up in a communist country.

  • [06:26] What is mental toughness?

  • [09:45] The SCARP model.

  • [13:51] The role of relationships in mental toughness.

  • [17:13] Mental toughness and personal growth.

  • [20:53] Developing mental toughness.

  • [24:37] Personal brand identity.

  • [26:54] Finding meaning and purpose.

  • [29:28] Mental toughness and flourishing.

  • [31:52] When to grit and when to quit.

  • [33:17] Commitment and career changes.

  • [39:33] Cognitive Flexibility and Emotional Agility.

  • [41:08] Measurement of mental toughness.

  • [44:22] Measuring mental toughness.

  • [50:59] Key strategies to build mental toughness.

  • [51:24] Building mental toughness.

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Episode 21 GPT

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Meet Dr. Gilda Scarfe

In this episode, we talked to Dr. Gilda Scarfe, expert on mental toughness, about what mental toughness is and how to build it.


Gilda Scarfe is the founder and CEO of Positive Ed & the Mental Toughness Institute, and a member of the advisory board for the Global Flourishing Study, led by the Human Flourishing Program at Harvard University, Baylor University and Gallup. Gilda is a positive psychology practitioner and mental toughness expert with a Ph.D. in the conceptualization of mental toughness and its application in education. She has worked in performance psychology, mental toughness, and leadership science for over 15 years.

Gilda specializes in the design and implementation of flourishing and mental toughness in learning, decision-making, quality of relationships, performance, and organizational climate; measuring mental toughness; and the influence of mental toughness training on key life outcomes.

Gilda is an international keynote speaker and consults around the world with school and Fortune 500 companies on best practices for integrating wellbeing, mental toughness and positive psychology domains into training and product design. She works with global businesses, high-growth startups, individuals, elite athletes, coaches and teams.

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