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On Growing Roses in Concrete, Student Well-Being and a Different Vision for Education.

#education #wellbeing #community

  • [01:41] Busy and chaotic school schedules.

  • [05:01] Sports and personal connections.

  • [08:32] Representation in media.

  • [09:35] Empathy and addressing unearned suffering.

  • [19:09] Teaching English literature journey.

  • [19:15] Frustration with disconnect in academia.

  • [24:55] Creating Roses and Concrete School.

  • [26:23] The power of resilience.

  • [37:14] Heart vs. Head in Education.

  • [40:09] The responsibility of schools.

  • [52:14] The overflowing plate.

  • [52:19] The importance of wellness.

  • [59:19] Youth wellness and community engagement.

  • [1:01:36] The role of elders in education and wellness.

  • [1:04:14] Education and compelling engagement.

  • [1:11:14] Harm caused by public schools.

  • [1:16:36] Educators as ethnographers of community.

  • [1:18:05] Proximity to the pain.

  • [1:23:12] Proximity and building relationships.

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Episode 8 GPT

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Meet Dr. Jeff Duncan-Andrade

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In this episode we are talking to Jeff Duncan-Andrade, Ph.D., a Professor of Latina/o Studies and Race and Resistance Studies at San Francisco State University. He is also a founder of the Roses in Concrete Community School, a community responsive lab school in East Oakland ( and the Community Responsive Education Group ( As a classroom teacher and school leader in East Oakland (CA) for the past 28 years, his pedagogy has been widely studied and acclaimed for producing uncommon levels of social and academic success for students. Duncan-Andrade lectures around the world and has authored numerous journal articles and book chapters on effective practices in schools.  He has written two books and his third book with Harvard University Press is due for publication in spring 2022. In 2016, Duncan-Andrade was part of the great educators invited to the White House on National Teacher Appreciation Day by President Obama, and in 2019 he was chosen as the Laureate for the prestigious Brock International Prize in Education. In 2021, he was selected to join the Board of Prevent Child Abuse America. Duncan-Andrade has also been ranked as one of the nation’s most influential scholars by EdWeek’s Public Influence Rankings.

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