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Leadership for flourishing

#leadership #flourishing #character 

[04:21] Finding purpose in teaching.

[07:08] Leadership in the military.

[12:26] Leadership for flourishing.

[17:23] Love as the foundation of flourishing.

[19:35] Flourishing in challenging circumstances.

[27:47] Leadership examples of hope and love.

[33:41] What does character actually mean?

[41:01] Inspiring people's dreams.

[45:09] Authenticity and self-ownership.

[48:38] The Power of Collective Intelligence.

[54:08] Global Social Leaders

[55:31] Cultivating social action.

[01:02:43] Inner mastery and reflection.

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Episode 38 GPT

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Meet Drs. Katy Granville-Chapman and Emmie Bidston

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Emmie is an Associate Fellow of the Oxford Character Project and a Senior Fellow of the Human Flourishing Program at Harvard’s Flourishing Network. Emmie studied Economics at the University of Cambridge before working for the UK civil service in a range of areas from education to contingency planning. She is currently head of Economics at Wellington College and Director of the Wellington Leadership and Coaching Institute. She co-founded a charity to help develop young leaders in Africa and runs conferences, coaching and leadership training for adults and young people.


Katy is an associate fellow of the Oxford Character Project, a Doctoral Teaching Fellow at Oxford University’s Department of Education, a Research Associate at the Oxford University Wellbeing Research Centre, and a Senior Fellow of the Human Flourishing Program at Harvard’s Flourishing Network. She is the co-founder of Global Social Leaders, a movement of young people in 105 countries who design and lead social action projects that make a meaningful change in their communities. Katy is also a Deputy Headteacher at Wellington College, focusing on teacher performance and development, and founder of the Wellington Leadership and Coaching Institute.

Emmie and Katy’s book Leader has been shortlisted for the Business Book Awards ‘leadership book of the future’ and longlisted for the Chartered Management Institute’s Management Book of the Year.

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