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Pathways to Visible Well-being & How to Execute Strengths-Based Parenting.

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  • [00:58] Education and well-being aims.

  • [03:42] The bi-directional nature of well-being.

  • [05:42] The SEARCH framework.

  • [10:03] The pathway to human flourishing.

  • [12:36] Positive emotions and flourishing.

  • [15:49] Finding moments of flourishing.

  • [22:31] Meaning in the Pathways to Flourishing.

  • [23:00] Meaning and purpose in life.

  • [26:37] Cultivating Meaning and Purpose.

  • [29:32] Forming sense of meaning.

  • [30:52] Brain development in late teens.

  • [34:51] Habits and goals for teenagers.

  • [37:03] Making Wellbeing Visible.

  • [44:52] Emotional expression in education.

  • [46:31] Boys and emotional expression.

  • [49:44] Internalizing strengths and well-being.

  • [52:36] The learning pit and wellbeing.

  • [56:29] The purpose of education.

  • [1:01:56] Strength-based parenting.

  • [1:02:42] When to start taking a strength-based approach with kids.

  • [1:10:31] Positive outcomes for children.

  • [1:11:30] Character strengths and family.

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Meet Dr. Lea Waters

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Lea is Founding Director of and Inaugural Gerry Higgins Chair in Positive Psychology at the Centre for Positive Psychology (now the Centre for Wellbeing Science), University of Melbourne. Lea holds affiliate positions at Cambridge University and the University of Michigan and serves on the Scientific Board at UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center. Lea is the Past President of the International Positive Psychology Association, serves on the Council of Happiness and Education for the World Happiness Council, is the Patron of Flourishing Education Japan and Ambassador for the Positive Education Schools Association. She is a registered psychologist and a full member of the Australian Psychological Society.

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