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The Science of Friendship and Flourishing.

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  • [00:30] Role of platonic relationships.

  • [03:18] Platonic love hierarchy and devaluation.

  • [07:37] Intimacy in platonic relationships.

  • [10:12] Dimensions of loneliness.

  • [14:43] Loneliness as a global crisis.

  • [19:20] Conflict and deeper intimacy.

  • [20:07] Accessing deeper levels of intimacy.

  • [24:52] Anxiously attached people and relationships.

  • [29:07] Friendship triggering systemic change.

  • [30:21] Friendship and social change.

  • [34:13] The mere exposure effect.

  • [36:54] Trusting your post-interaction experience.

  • [39:21] Systemic forces contributing to loneliness.

  • [42:42] Definition of friendship in cultures.

  • [46:06] Sexual orientation development.

  • [50:11] Valuing platonic relationships.

  • [52:36] The duality of social media.

  • [56:26] The importance of vulnerability.

  • [1:01:12] Impact of platonic relationships.

  • [1:03:37] Making and keeping friends.

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Meet Dr. Marisa Franco

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Dr. Marisa G. Franco is a psychologist, Professor at the University of Maryland and author of the New York Times bestseller Platonic: How The Science of Attachment Can Help You Make — and Keep — Friends. She writes about friendship for Psychology Today and has been a featured connection expert for major publications including the New York Times, The Telegraph, and Vice. She speaks on belonging at corporations, government agencies, non-profits, and universities. On her website you can take a quiz to assess your strengths and weaknesses as a friend & reach out for speaking engagements.

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