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Relationships and their role in the fulfilling life.

#relationships #belonging #therapy

  • [00:35] The importance of self-relationships.

  • [07:17] Autonomy, resilience, and positive emotion.

  • [08:10] Autonomy and self-actualization.

  • [12:16] Fulfilling your potential.

  • [16:35] Career and self-care importance.

  • [18:17] The importance of relationships.

  • [21:20] Resilience in strained family relationships.

  • [29:20] Acceptance commitment and thinking.

  • [29:33] Radical acceptance in psychology.

  • [34:58] Relationship with yourself.

  • [39:29] Cultivating a healthy relationship.

  • [42:48] Relationships and self-care.

  • [47:43] Cultivating strong, intimate bonds.

  • [50:12] Get and give in relationships.

  • [53:10] The importance of companionship.

  • [55:50] Growth in relationships.

  • [1:00:31] Positive relationship with yourself.

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Episode 14 GPT

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Meet Nicole Nourian

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In this episode, we talked to therapist and relationship coach, Nicole Nourian, about healthy relationships and how to build them, character strengths such as resilience and autonomy, the importance of growth in relationships, and how to cultivate “radical acceptance” - coming to terms with difficult events in life outside our control.


Nicole Nourian is a therapist born and raised in LA. Her journey in psychology started at UCLA, where she graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology and also became a certified yoga instructor and certified life coach, specializing in relationships. Nicole went on to receive her Masters in Clinical Psychology at Pepperdine University, and is currently working as a therapist in LA.


Nicole’s experience includes working with individuals, families, and couples to guide them towards meeting their goals in the healthiest way possible. Nicole does not apply one theory to all her clients but rather approaches each individual with an eclectic approach that fits them best. Nicole has observed in her therapy the crucial importance of romantic and platonic relationships play in our daily lives. Whether it be heartbreak, attachment issues, animosity with loved ones, or maintaining a healthy relationship, Nicole emphasizes the ways in which dissatisfaction with one’s relationships can have a huge impact on one’s mental health.


In her practice, Nicole works hard to break barriers and old habits that may be contributing to one’s happiness. Nicole’s Instagram page has generated millions of views on content relating to self-esteem, relationships, and mental health.

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