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Existential psychotherapy and your ability to flourish.

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[02:33] Existential psychotherapy vs. other types.

[05:37] The complexity of human behavior.

[08:23] What is a sense of self?

[14:15] Taking responsibility and alignment.

[24:22] Taking responsibility and empowerment.

[28:46] Creating yourself through expression.

[33:01] The creation of the "self".

[36:52] Community and good lives.

[40:26] Finding beauty in suffering

[43:21] The spectrum of meaning and happiness.

[48:16] Building inner safety.

[51:08] Reflection and well-being.

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Episode 45 GPT

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Meet Dr. Sara Kuburic

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We interview Dr. Sara Kuburic, existential psychotherapist, writer, and columnist for USA Today, about how existential psychotherapy can help us to flourish.

In particular, we discuss Sara’s work on “self-loss”: what it is, how to identify it and rebuild our sense of self; how overcoming self-loss can help us flourish; and how to live a more authentic and meaningful life.

Sara is the author of It’s On Me: Accept Hard Truths, Discover Your Self, and Change Your Life (Penguin Random House, 2023). The book is a guide to identifying self-loss – one of our greatest unspoken human sufferings, that feeling of being estranged or disconnected from your true self – so we can stop feeling the pain and emptiness that comes from performing or observing life, rather than living it.


Sara was born in Yugoslavia and raised in Canada, and completed her doctorate in psychotherapy science in Vienna, under the supervision of Dr. Alfried Längle, the founder of existential analysis. She is a trauma-informed clinician with a person-centered approach that is grounded in existential analysis, as well as somatic and experiential techniques. She specializes in moral trauma, identity, existential crisis, and relationship issues.


Sara is passionate about helping people seek change and live authentic, free, and meaningful lives. Her interest in psychology stems from her personal experience living through wars, navigating complex relationships, and continually learning what it means to be human.

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