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The Science and Art of Happiness 

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  • [00:48] Defining happiness and flourishing.

  • [05:48] Launching a master's degree.

  • [08:26] The power of stories.

  • [12:39] Wholeness and whole being.

  • [17:39] Pursuing happiness indirectly.

  • [18:26] Work as a calling.

  • [21:56] Spirituality and presence.

  • [24:26] Anti-fragility and post-traumatic growth.

  • [29:28] Relationship between anti-fragility and happiness or well-being.

  • [34:12] The SPIRE model and interconnectedness.

  • [37:29] The power of exercise.

  • [42:19] Spreading happiness through academia.

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Episode 18 GPT

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Meet Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar

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In this episode, we talked to happiness expert Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar about the science of happiness, focusing on his account of happiness as “wholebeing,” comprised of five elements of well-being which make up his “SPIRE” model: Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Relational and Emotional well-being.


Tal Ben-Shahar is an author and lecturer who taught two of the largest classes in Harvard University’s history, Positive Psychology and The Psychology of Leadership, and taught Happiness Studies at Columbia University. His books on happiness have been translated into more than thirty languages and have appeared on bestseller lists around the world, and his work has featured on media outlets including CNN, BBC and the Daily Show.


Tal obtained his PhD in Organizational Behavior and BA in Philosophy and Psychology from Harvard. Today he consults and lectures around the world to executives in multinational corporations, including Google and Microsoft, the general public, and at-risk populations. Tal is a serial entrepreneur, and is the co-founder and chief learning officer of Happiness Studies Academy, Potentialife, Maytiv, and Happier.TV.

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