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The Importance of Critical Thinking for Flourishing in the Digital Age.

#flourishing #technology #criticalthinking

  • [00:00] Critical thinking and technology.

  • [02:51] Using technology well.

  • 06:54] The importance of critical thinking.

  • [08:05] Critical thinking skills.

  • [14:41] Asking better questions.

  • [18:50] Affect bias and distress tolerance.

  • [20:00] Seeking Reason and Emotional Comfort.

  • [26:20] Embrace of doubt and humility.

  • [30:47] Reframing questions for deeper understanding.

  • [34:18] Impact of social media on well-being.

  • [35:09] Technology and personal negotiation.

  • [41:17] Negotiating wants vs needs.

  • [42:37] Taking a holistic view.

  • [47:50] Environmental and somatic cues.

  • [51:27] The ethics of attention.

  • [59:08] Dopamine and human behavior.

  • [1:02:44] Quality of time spent.

  • [1:04:20] Quality of virtual interactions.

  • [1:11:22] As many versions of flourishing.

  • [1:14:36] Feedback and suggestions for the podcast.

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Episode 6 GPT

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Meet Dr. Tom Chatfield

In this epsiode we talked to Dr Tom Chatfield. He is a British author, philosopher of technology, and educator. He is interested in improving our understanding of digital technology and its uses in policy, education and engagement. He’s particularly interested in the teaching and practice of critical thinking skills, and has worked with schools, universities and companies around their development, as well as creating award-winning online courses for both academic institutions and businesses.

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